"The Subtle Stone Eater" by Jonás Gutiérrez (2006)

The Subtle Stone Eater

A plastic mix of materials, both metal and rock are the core of this well-balanced sculpture that stands without any help on Vallarta's Malecon.

This unique bronze and obsidian 7.5-foot tall sculpture is certainly one that you either love or you hate, some are surprisingly and immediately repulsed and even say it out loud... Maybe it's something related to fear of clowns (it could look a bit like one) or maybe the jagged edges make them imagine ferocious and menacing teeth.

In any case, others, like me, feel a strange attraction to the curvy metal edges, the flexible contours of the piece, the plump black abdomen, the mix of rock and metal, the iridescent obsidian surface shining in the sun, the strange details, a "clown" eating stones... what's it all about?

"The Subtle Rock Eater" by Jonás Gutiérrez (2006)

First off Jonás' works mostly inhabit an alternate reality, more dreamlike than down-to-earth, more scary or disturbing than your average sculpture. One thing is certain, they are never dull nor derivative; unique and with a personal style is what stands out when you admire them.

Jonás Gutiérrez was born in Guadalajara in 1966 and is well known for mixing a variety of metals with other materials, sometimes wood, other times stone.

When asked, the author tells us that he feels that negative emotions are like stones which we swallow through life. So this figure is certainly very artistically going through life digesting negativity at a rapid pace.

The artist stated that his childhood also influenced the sculpture, when he played with mud and had a great time. His sculpture tries to remind us of our childhood, when we started to walk, balance ourselves and enjoy the different elements of the world.

The Subtle Rock-Eater night view

You'll find this sculpture on the corner of Leona Vicario Street and the Malecon in downtown Puerto Vallarta.


Author: M. A. Gallardo

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Versión en Español