Origin and Destiny, Pedro Tello, Malecon, Puerto Vallarta

At last! That’s what Pedro Tello must have said when his project “Origin and Destiny” finally became a reality on the Malecon.

A group of sculptures that are born out of the concept of time, the new millennium, humans and time and its relationship with history, what we’ve done in all that time and the dreams we try to make a reality.

This project took 13 years from start to finish, originally 8 pieces that included a boat, a horse, a chimera, a dancer, a whale, a musician, a wheel and an obelisk, that was planned as a celebration of the new millennium, as The Millennia statue.

In the words of the artist:

“There where time has completely erased our origins, that is the start of our history, where tools were completely absent and intelligence was only that, there was a complete lack of control of the elements, then the day comes when sailing is discovered, either by intuition or chance, humans start their development, sailing in his ship of dreams and realities in the ocean of time, unstoppable and wild.”

"Origin and Destination" by Pedro Torres Tello (2011)

That’s the start of this group of sculptures. A few details explaining the different elements of each individual piece:

  • As mentioned above, the boat represents mankind’s quest for new horizons.
  • A chimera symbolizes humans’ gradual replacement of animals with machines.
  • The whale represents the new period humans enjoy while sailing along the seas of science and technological development.


  • The wheel symbolizes humanity’s technology and science.
  • The final sculpture is an obelisk, representing humanity’s spirituality. The obelisk contains an hourglass filled with sand, a symbol of the transience of the present moment and life.

Location: on the corner of Allende and the Malecon.

The artist, Pedro Torres Tello was born in San José del Mosco, near Mascota in the state of Jalisco in 1962.

Author: M. A. Gallardo