"Nostalgia" by Jose Ramiz Barquet (1984)

Without a doubt, the most famous and loved of Ramiz Barquet's sculptures in town, has been on the Malecon for decades and has a beautiful and romantic love story to back it up too...

After the seahorse statue and the crown of the Guadalupe Church, this sculpture also represents the special magic that Puerto Vallarta has upon couples and their romantic passions.


A couple sits, close together, looking into the distance to the town, the sea, the hills, and jungles, enjoying the moment together, in love, a love that lasts, in the case of these metal beings, maybe, forever.

Nostalgia de Ramiz Barquet

It's one of the oldest sculptures on the Malecón, the Seahorse statue was unveiled in 1976, "Nostalgia" became part of the seaside boardwalk by a donation of a group of citizens and the local government, on May 31, 1984, by the then Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Álvarez del Castillo.

The story behind the sculpture has both Ramiz and his wife Nelly Barquet as main actors, it's the memory of a love story that surmounts many tests and errors, that finally after decades ends in their marriage.

Escultura de Ramiz Barquet

In the words of the artist:

Nelly and I met 65 years ago, we planned to get married, but it was not to be. We each continued on our own paths. Nelly got married and had four children. I got married and had three children. After a long period of 27 years we met again, this was in a flower market in Mexico City in 1973. I started visiting her, traveling to Vallarta for some days.

The night before my trip back to Mexico City I invited Nelly to dinner at the Carlos O'Brians restaurant, that was a quiet place in those days, we dined well, happy and satisfied. We took a walk along the Malecon and sat down looking at the sea, on the exact semicircular platform that later would hold the "Nostalgia" sculpture."

Jose Ramiz Barquet (1920 - 2010) was born March 7, 1920 in Mexico City and enjoyed and lived 38 years in Puerto Vallarta with his wife, Nelly Galván Duque.

You'll find "Nostalgia" where Pipila Street meets the malecon.

Author: M. A. Gallardo


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