The Whale and her calf (Vallarta Whale) by Octavio González Gutiérrez, 2001

Vallarta Whale (The Whale and Her Calf) Octavio Gonzalez Gutierrez

Octavio Gonzalez is one of the most accomplished artists in Puerto Vallarta, you'll find many of his sculptures, including co-authoring the famous Dolphin fountain on the Malecón, around town. This whale sculpture too is an important symbol for the city.

The Whale and her calf, also known as "Vallarta Whale" or the "Dancing Whale" is a monumental sculpture in bronze that you can easily spot on the way into the Marina Vallarta area. It's a humpback whale with its calf swimming through the warm waters of the bay.

Vallarta Whale by Octavio Gonzalez Gutierrez

This piece took over 4 years to complete and must be the largest sculpture in town, weighing over 12 tons, its 29.2 feet high (8.9m) by 42.6 feet long (13m) and it's all masterly balanced on just one flipper and less than one square meter. This visually stunning sculpture was inaugurated on March 14th, 2001 and greets visitors arriving at the Marina area or driving into town.

The artist, Octavio González Gutiérrez, states that the piece represents the family and its importance, mainly honoring the mother as the central piece and anchor of all families, who devote themselves unconditionally to their children.

Smaller replicas are found in the sister cities of Mission, Texas and Highland Park Illinois, in the USA.

Author: M. A. Gallardo

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