Jim Demetro sculpture called Vallarta dancers, Malecon II, Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Dancers by Jim Demetro (Malecon II, Downtown Puerto Vallarta)


(Vallarta Dancers) Mariachi Monument on the Vallarta Malecon

Vallarta Dancers sculpture by Jim Demetro, inspired by the folk dance troupe Xiutla

“Vallarta Dancers” by Jim Demetro highlights the Mexican Hat Dance. Demetro loves to sculpt in honor of the many colorful traditions of Puerto Vallarta so they can be remembered for all time.

Jim is a hard-working artist, very active both creating sculptures and also investing a lot of effort in financing them. He is now one the artists with most sculptures in town, including the “burro” at Lazaro Cardenas Park and Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton at Casa Kimberly.


Adding to the innumerable statues and sculptures in Puerto Vallarta, one that catches the eye is Jim Demetro’s dancing figures, the movement, the size, and the colors all make it very special. It is also one, if not the, most photographed sculpture in town.

Jim Demetro, a US artist, was first inspired to create this impressive sculpture in the year 2000 when he witnessed the Xiutla dance troupe performing the “Jarabe Tapatío” (Mexican Hat Dance) on the Malecon, under the direction of their instructor and choreographer Professor Enrique Barrios Limón.

“I have studied the performances, pictures, and videos of the Xiutla dancers and have worked closely with Professor Barrios to create an authentic portrayal of the dance. The realistic aspects are important to me. Mainly though, I have been focused on commemorating the artistic beauty Mexicans in Puerto Vallarta are known for.

Most of us who live here in Mexico are Mexican at heart, if not truly Mexican. The artistic beauty around us draws our community together. It inspires the best from us all. And I truly hope artistic beauty will always be a part of this town.” (source).

About the sculpture/statue

Vallarta Dancers, Jim Demetro got inspired by the folk dance troupe Xiutla

Featuring a couple in traditional dress performing a regional dance with the flair and spirit this country is known for, Demetro says it is his most challenging work to date. Since seeing these wonderful young dancers at the Los Arcos amphitheater, he knew this was how he could best honor the Mexican culture he loves. And, he thought, what better place for people to view it than on the Malecon, which already has some amazing public art and is the reason he and his wife, Eva, came to Puerto Vallarta in the first place.

The figures are life-size, cast in bronze and are unique when compared to all other statues in town for their colored patina.


The sculpture was unveiled on the extension of the Malecon, called Malecon II, in downtown Puerto Vallarta on November 28th, 2006.

About the sculptor: Jim Demetro

Jim Demetro with The Fishermen sculpture model

Jim Demetro with The Fishermen sculpture model

Jim Demetro is from Battle Ground in Washington state. Since 1992, he has worked sculpting professionally and has produced nearly 50 works of public art.

During his 13 years living in Puerto Vallarta, he has donated a number of public sculptures to his favorite city including these iconic Vallarta Dancers on the Malecon, one in front of Molino de Agua condos, The washerwoman, The Fishermen on Los Muertos Beach, Ándale Bernardo (the donkey statue) at Lázaro Cárdenas Square and other statues around town.

Artist Gallery Website: http://demetro.net/

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Author: M. A. Gallardo