Eriza-Dos (Standing on End) by Blu Maritza Vazquez, 2007

Eriza-Dos (Martiza Vázquez) Malecon II Puerto Vallarta

A unique sculpture that makes you think of a sea urchin or maybe some 2nd WW naval mines, these rusty prickly pears are located where Libertad intersects the Malecón II.

Right beside the statue of San Pascual Bailón and the Vitea Café on the malecón extension south of the Naval Museum, you'll find these iron sea urchins. The name is a wordplay, "erizados" means bristling, but separated in "eriza", could mean a female urchin, and "dos", you should know is two in Spanish, that is two urchins.

Eriza-dos, Blu (Martiza Vazquez)

This sculpture was created and donated by Blu, AKA Maritza Vazquez an artist from the city of Guadalajara, a creation that connects the city with its constant companion, the sea. Inaugurated in 2007, was actually part of a temporary exhibition, but the artist decided to leave it in Vallarta after seeing how well it was received by the locals.

The sculpture has two steel sea urchins and required a lot of hard work, but the final sculpture also conveys the idea of life and movement to the viewer.

Author: M. A. Gallardo

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