San Pascual Bailon

Yes, another interesting Ramiz Barquet sculpture on the Malecón extension, called Malecón II. The Patron Saint of cooks, who knew that beforehand? Not me… ah but I didn’t take religious classes in school either 🙂 and I even lived some time in the Bailón Diocese…

This distinctive statue by Ramiz Barquet was installed on the Malecon extension in 2008, it’s a bronze statue representing Saint Paschal Baylon, the patron saint of cooks.

Saint Paschal was a Franciscan friar from 16th Century Spain. While he lived was more related to gardens than kitchens, but due to confusions with Saint Didacus of Alcalá who was related to a miracle involving a stove, but due to similar iconography, Baylon ended up being worshipped by cooks.

Saint Paschal Baylon by Ramiz Barquet

This sculpture was placed in Vallarta to honor chefs from Puerto Vallarta and abroad that visit the city for the Gastronomic events and those that stay here and delight both tourists and locals with their creations.

You’ll find the sculpture located in front of Vitea a few steps from the Urchin sculpture (Eriza-Dos) on the boardwalk beside the sea.

Author: M. A. Gallardo