Ignacio L. Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta Main Square

The statue of Ignacio L. Vallarta is very well located on the main plaza of the city, right by the central kiosk. It is one of the oldest statues in town and was sculpted by a very famous and acclaimed artist from Guadalajara.

Las Peñas, which at the time had no more than 2000 inhabitants, changed from Commissariat to Municipality on May 31st, 1918, at the same time the town’s name changed, by the State Congress, from Las Peñas to Puerto Vallarta, in honor of Ignacio Luis Vallarta, a Mexican lawyer and governor of the state of Jalisco from 1872 to 1876.

Statue of Ignacio Luis Vallarta

The bronze statue in his honor was sculpted by the artist Miguel Miramontes Carmona, who was born in Guadalajara in 1918, author of over 300 sculptures and still lives today and considered one of the best sculptors in Mexico, as taught in Mexican school books.

It was donated by another Governor of Jalisco, Juan Gil Preciado.

The sculpture was originally placed in Aquiles Serdán Park, where it was inaugurated in 1964 by the Municipal President Carlos Arreola Lima.

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It currently stands on the main plaza in front of the kiosk and by the Town Hall.

Author: M. A. Gallardo