Puerto Vallarta Zoo (Zoológico de Vallarta)

Zoologico de Puerto Vallarta (Zoo)

You'll find Puerto Vallarta Zoo in the valley that ends with Mismaloya and Mismaloya beach, an exotic lush tropical jungle, close to the village between river and mountains, a perfect backdrop for a fun, enjoyable and educational day trip.

This zoo is a bit different from the ones you've been used to, you'll be able to pet and touch many of them, and as an extra fun option, you CAN feed the animals with food provided there.

Zoológico de Vallarta A.C. is located in the town of Mismaloya right in the middle of the mountains and by the river a pleasant natural area for a great, fun, and educational family outing.


How to get to the Zoo?

Car or taxi: You take the Coastal Highway that goes from Puerto Vallarta towards Barra de Navidad, once you get to the Barceló Resort, there is a speed bump, then you take a left and follow the right road, the one that follows the river, if you advance 800 meters (2200 feet) you'll get to the zoo. This would be the same route if you take a taxi.

Flamingos at the zoo

Public buses: Buses depart from downtown Puerto Vallarta via Mismaloya at the intersection of Basilio Badillo and Constitución, the bus itself has a sign that says Mismaloya and the bus stop is in front of the Barceló on the highway.

Buses to Mismaloya

You then cross the street go up the street and follow the one that is parallel to the river for 2200 ft and there you'll get there.

They also have a small food stand where you can get a basic meal if you get hungry. The menu includes sandwiches, tacos, burritos, hamburgers, nuggets, chicken wings and meat; Coffee, beer and soft drinks.

Hippo Vallarta Zoo

Open from 8 AM to 6 PM every day of the week.
Entrance fee is around 7-8 dollars (100 pesos) for adults and 4 dollars for children (50 pesos - ages 3 to 11)
Phone: (322) 228-0501.
More information on the zoo itself: www.zoologicodevallarta.com


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Versión en Español