Do you need to be concerned about sharks in Puerto Vallarta or the Banderas Bay area?

The short answer is: No!

Are there sharks in Puerto Vallarta?

Yes, either small ones that are not a danger to human beings, that, more often than not, end up on the table of the local fishermen, or big huge ones, that are “veggie”-sharks, well, plankton-eating sharks, the whale sharks.

Any reason to feel scared while you swim in Puerto Vallarta? Are there any pirañas, barracudas or sharks ready to eat you up? Absolutely NO!

Whale Shark
Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus)

Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are contained with a bay and are considered extremely safe for watersports, scuba, snorkeling and swimming. For various decades, shark attacks have been mostly unheard of. This doesn’t mean fans of them can’t find them beyond the bay and within the deeper waters of the ocean around Banderas Bay.