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Upon arrival at the International Puerto Vallarta airport, you are asked to push a button that will be determined if you are searched or not if you get a green light you go and if you get a red light you are searched, this system is completely random. (These stoplights will soon be eliminated).

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Foreigners visiting our city may bring gifts of up to $300 US dollars in total value or its equivalent in other foreign currencies without paying taxes, in the form of one or more articles, with the exception of beer, alcoholic drinks, and processed tobacco. Please remember that you must fill out the customs declaration form that will be given to you by the airplane crew
members. One form should be filled out per family, not one per person, as the exemption is counted per family. 

Over $300 US dollars, for visitors citizens of USA and Canada (due to the Free Trade Agreement) taxation, will be of 16 – 18% on the product price - only on those products that are made in the USA or Canada. If the products are from another country the taxation will be 50% of the products' commercial value.

You may bring along with you, in your personal luggage, the following:

  1. New or used goods for personal use, such as clothing, footwear, and hygiene products, so long as they are in accordance with the duration of the trip, and their quantity does not suggest that they can be the object of commercialization.
  2. One photographic camera and one video recorder, and, when appropriate, their power source; up to twelve rolls of unused film or video cassettes; printed or filmed photographic material; one cellular telephone apparatus and one-pager; one typewriter; one new or used portable computer, of those called laptop, notebook,
    Omni book, etc. In this case, it is not necessary to have the permit before importation.
  3. Two sets of used personal sports equipment, as long as they can be transported by one person.
  4. One portable radio apparatus for the recording and reproduction of sound, or one dual purpose.
  5. Five laser disks, five DVD disks, 20 compact disks (CD) or magnetic tapes (audio cassettes) for the reproduction of sound.
  6. Books and magazines, whose quantity does not suggest that they can be the object of commercialization.
  7. Five toys, as long as they can be transported by one person.
  8. Medicine for personal use. The prescription must be shown if they are psychotropic substances.
  9. Cases, chests, and suitcases necessary for the transport of goods.
  10. One pair of binoculars.
  11. One musical instrument, as long as it can be transported by one person.
  12. One tent and one set of camping equipment.
  13. One surfboard or sailboard.
  14. Regarding disabled persons, goods for personal use that, by their characteristics, compensate for or diminish their disability.
  15. Adult passengers may also introduce a maximum of 20 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco, and up to 3 liters of wine, beer, or liquor, with the understanding that a larger quantity of these products cannot be imported without complying with the applicable regulations and restrictions.

You may NOT bring along with you, in your personal luggage, the following:

  1. Firearms, except for hunting purposes, as long as the rules indicated in number 4 of this manual are complied with.
  2. Live predatory fish in their fingerling, juvenile, and adult stage.
  3. Thallium Sulfate
  4. Totoaba, fresh or refrigerated (Fish)
  5. Insecticide (Isodrin, Aldrin, Heptachloro, Drinox, Endrin, Mendrino, Nendrin, Hexadrin, or Leptofos)
  6. Turtle eggs of any kind
  7. Poppy seeds (Opium Poppy)
  8. Imide of N-phtalilglutamic acid (Thalidomide)
  9. Poppyseed flour (Opium Poppy)
  10. Marijuana (Cannabis Indica) seeds and spores, even when mixed with other seeds
  11. Heroin, base, or Diacetylmorphine hydrochloride
  12. Marijuana (Cannabis Indica)
  13. Medicinal preparations based on marijuana (Cannabis Indica)
  14. Opium juices and extracts prepared for smoking
  15. Medicinal preparations based on acetylmorphine, its salts or derivatives.
  16. Extracts and juices derived from marijuana (Cannabis Indica)
  17. Turtle or Green Turtle skins
  18. Mucilages and thickeners derived from marijuana (Cannabis Indica)
  19. Stamps printed in colors or in black and white, presented for sale in envelopes or packets, even when they include chewing gum, candy, or any other type of articles, containing drawings, figures, or illustrations that portray childhood in a denigrating or ridiculous manner, in attitudes which incite violence, self-destruction, or any other type of anti-social behavior, known as “Garbage Pail Kids”, for example, printed by any company or commercial denomination.

Once you find yourself in Mexican territory, you will be free to travel and circulate within it without having to fill out more migratory forms. They will only be able to request the presentation of customs declaration forms when you leave a city near a border and head for another within the same country.

  • Reference: Tourist Entry Manual Aduanas de México
  • Puerto Vallarta February 22, 2012

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