This friday, February 9th, will mark the start of the 3rd annual Book Fair at Plaza de Armas in Puerto Vallarta, the event starts at 10 a.m. and will run until the 18th of this month. There are 40 editorials confirmed to attend offering books at a reduced price, and there will also be workshops for kids Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Through the Third Reading Fair (or Book Fair), Vallarta’s residents and visitors alike will have acces to thousands of books at a reduced price, as well as workshops and other activities, at the Plaza de Armas  from the 9th thorugh the 18th of February. Over 40 publishers are confirmed to participate offering books with discounts of up to 60% of the regular price, according to the spokesperson for Vallarta’s Cultural Institute, Fernando Sánchez Aceves.

Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Armando Soltero, proposer and founder of the fair, the program has gained strentgh and this year in particular the academic community will see its presence strengthened with many university level theses available at the fair. ‘We have expanded our invitation to university students working on theses related to Vallarta and the 100 years of our municipality, this means the fair is among the events contributing to the general program,’ said Sánchez Aceves.

Among the activities within the fair, there are book signings, readings and lectures, such as the one by Dr. Juan Luis Cifuentes Lemus with ‘The Ocean and its Resources’; Luis González y González, Carmen Anaya, Rosa María Chávez, Raúl Gibrán, Fernando Félix Baños, among others. The fair special guest will be Jalisco’s own Jaime Yáñez, who will also be offering lectures and workshops for poetry writers of all ages.

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Source: Vallarta Independiente (Spanish)