Mayor Does Downtown Walkthrough in Preparation for NYE

Centro Puerto Vallarta 0339

Mayor Arturo Dávalos did the touristic walk and instructed the changes needed to guarantee Puerto Valllarta will look its best for the New Year celebrations

To ensure the city's downtown will look its best during New Year's Eve, mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña, did a walkthrough around the malecon, malecon II, puente del Cuale, Morelos and Juárez St. and the streets that lead to the sea, in order to supervise the their current state and guarantee everything’s in good shape for visitors and residents planning on enjoying the celebrations in the promenade.

From early on, before the sun was even out, the mayor walked through every single one of these places and noted the lighting, the city's gardening, overall cleaning, trash containers and general maintenance. After this, he ordered instructions on what each area needed to do so everything is in optimal conditions to ring in the new year.

"It's important our city's at one hundred percent so every family, every tourist attending the activities we'll be holding on December 31st will have the best experience. We did the same for the for the vacation season, but we want to improve whatever can be improved to offer everyone in Vallarta the best of our town", expressed the mayor.

Source: Diario de Vallarta (Spanish)