Puerto Vallarta keeps adding events related to the reopening of the newly remodeled Malecon. This time it’s the Zumba Master Class that was a success there, it brought together a crowd of thousands of Vallartan women who gathered to move their bodies, exercise and relieve tensions.

Puerto Vallarta to the beat of Zumba

Even the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, along with his wife Jennifer and the Social Development Director, encouraged by the energy of all the athletes, took the time to enjoy the event together with more than 2,000 attendees and certainly flaunted their best moves to the beat of Zumba, and showed them his appreciation for the favorable response this program had.

“Congratulations, everyday we are more and more surprised and we thank you for the trust you have shown Ruby and Adrian Mendez, who have coordinated the activities,” a trust that allows the program “Zumbeando in my neighborhood” to grown and become stronger and attract a larger number of women, as well as transmitting a valuable message both for health and just a simple and fun way to enjoy physical activity.

The director of Social Development, accompanied by his wife, Alondra, also participated enthusiastically with all the locals and also acknowledged the involvement of the organizers of this project, “the Mayor already mentioned it, this Malecon had to be inaugurated by someone famous and important and you are the big players in Vallarta and in its transformation, we congratulate you, and thank you for your confidence in this Zumba project, with your help it is now offered in more than 70 plazas all over the municipality.”

It must be noted that this program is part of the Social Development Directorate’s activities, which includes certified instructors teaching Zumba every day in different neighborhoods of the Puerto Vallarta, and in this way are contributing by improving the health and quality of life of not only housewives but also women and men of all ages. This program has grown quite well thanks to the excellent response of the local population.

For those who do not know what Zumba is about, the term itself is a word that derives from a Colombian slang term, “rumba”, that Colombians use colloquially to refer to a party. Nowadays it’s a new and popular sports discipline which mixes dance and aerobic elements in choreographies that use hip-hop, salsa, samba, mambo, merengue and even martial-arts, belly dance moves and more. It’s the largest dance fitness program in the world and is based on the Latin music inspired fitness program developed by choreographer and dancer Alberto Pérez in the laste 80’s in Colombia.

So if you are interested in being part of this movement or are just on vacation and want to experience something new and different, ask for information so you can locate the closest place in town so you can also begin to enjoy of the benefits of spending a pleasant time moving at the rythym of Zumba while you are in Puerto Vallarta.


Puerto Vallarta
to the beat of Zumba


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