Puerto Vallarta is One of Mexico's Safest Cities

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According to a report published by the INEGI  (Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía), surveys were conducted throughout the country among citizens age 18 and above, and Puerto Vallarta was among the safest cities in Mexico. For tourists from across the world, Puerto Vallarta is still considered the safest city all over in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta has felt safe to us since we first began to come here over three decades ago. As the city has grown, we've watched many changes but some things have remained the same such as our ability to move around without fear; feel safe walking the streets of Puerto Vallarta after sunset; sleeping well at night, knowing we are secure in our home.

In surveys conducted throughout the country among citizens age 18 and above, reports about security at ATMs (including those located on public highways as well as secure bank lobbies) were very favorable for Puerto Vallarta. People also feel safe while visiting their bank, which can't be said for some global locations. The Municipal Tourism Directorate concurs with these findings, which simply confirms what most of us have long felt about Puerto Vallarta.

Safety comes at many levels; we have felt security in Puerto Vallarta for many years and have no expectations of this changing. We are so proud to live in a city that has been declared as the safest city by a very reputable publication.

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Source: Banderas News

Last modified on Wednesday, 21 February 2018 05:57