Over 10,000 Expected to Attend Rammstein's NYE Concert


Puerto Vallarta will receive major international recognition through Rammstein's concerts, with people from all over the world slated to attend, including countries where the destination has very little presence, like Russia, Iceland and Japan.

According to the Municipal Toursim Director, Ramón González Lomelí, representing mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña in a press conference concerning this international show. The concerts will take place on December 31 and January 2, working as a valuable promotional tool for our town, which is why the government has been involved in supporting the event and helping with security.

"This concert brings huge international attention to Puerto Vallarta as a tourism destination, it has brought us to places where we had no positioning, through this event we¿ve been making noise in those areas, which is key for those of us involved in promoting and bringing attention to Vallarta", expressed the Director.

Charlie Félix, Production Director of Rammstein's ‘Vallarta New Year’s Eve’ festival, noted that this is an unprecedented concert "this is the only concert the band will have internationally, they'll travel from Germany to Vallarta and back to Germany without any other concerts outside their home country and, in fact, they haven't played anywhere else in two years."

The show will be held in Explanada Flamingos and the venue will open up their doors around 2pm to let attendees enjoy the beach, which is why there will be a Beach Club with a stage. At 7pm the show will begin in the main stage with Rammstein's opening act and then the band's big concert which will close with a New Year's countdown.

Source: AZ Noticias (spanish)

Last modified on Sunday, 30 December 2018 17:18