Ever since the Puerto Vallarta Malecon reopening events, businessmen and local stores and restaurants located in the local tourist area have all mentioned that it’s a fact and there has been an increase in both sales and number of visitors. Most of them have noticed a strong improvement in their business and sales. Visitors have flocked to the Malecón, to see it, enjoy it and reestablish the habit.

The Puerto Vallarta Malecon improvements help the local economy

On the other hand, the manager of a well-known restaurant in the area stated that there has been a marked improvement in the number of people who daily visit the boardwalk, he also said that they have had a greater influx of people to their business and are having more sales, especially when comparing with previous months in which the remodeling work had closed the seaside walkway. He said they are now ready to receive all the people who usually visit during the Christmas holidays and will enjoy this new Malecon.

Another owner, Vallarta-Mart, also said that they are doing much better economically, sales have improved and people and are visiting more often.
Another opinion was that there really has been a noticeable change since the walkway was reopened; the previous week has shown a significant improvement. There is a clear tendency and they are aware that things will continue to improve gradually, and they are expecting that this increase in visitors will improve more every day, helping to keep Puerto Vallarta among the top Mexican tourist destinations.

Jose Ramirez, Assistant Restaurant Manager at the “Bubba Gump Restaurant” stated: “When they started the construction of the Malecon, sales plummeted 70%, now, with the reopening it has gone up 20 percent, we can also observe an improved flow of pedestrian, so we are hoping that with this reopening of the walkway, the arrival of ships to port, and the holidays and the dates from December 25th to January 1st which is the strongest week for Puerto Vallarta we will be able to 100 percent. “
Similarly, Marco, maitre of the restaurant “La Dolce Vita” said: “sales have increased since the opening of the Malecon, there are more people and the walkway is much more attractive.”

Arturo Castañeda, maitre at Restaurant Las Palomas stated; “sales have gone up, the number is between 60 and 70 percent over previous transactions.”

Raul Zermeno, owner of Aries Jewelry, said: “You can ready see an improved flow of people walking  and enjoying the seaside walkway, when we look at our sales we can’t say that we’ve improved, I think what has hurt us is that the U.S. economy is not doing well, but we definitely have more visitors on the Vallarta Malecon.”

As was to be expected, the positive opinion regarding improvements both in terms of tourism and sales associated to the remodeled Malecón in Puerto Vallarta is general, this in turn is promoting a positive outlook and a generalized positive mindset, which are a byproduct of this new city project.