Puerto Vallarta Will Bury Centennial Time Capsule


The municipal government is creating a Time Capsule that will be buried on September 27, as part of the city's World Tourism Day celebrations.

The brainchild of local businesswoman Martha Dau, the Puerto Vallarta Time Capsule project is a joint effort between the municipal government, private initiatives and the University of Guadalajara's Centro Universitario de la Costa, who aim to leave a historical legacy for future generations. The idea is to fill a stainless steel box with objects that symbolize the first hundred years of this tourist destination, bury it underground, and unearth it on May 31, 2043 as part of the municipality's 125th anniversary celebrations.

Dau said that the most important thing will be the contents of the Time Capsule, which will be filled with items contributed by citizens, educational institutions and the City Council, so she extended an invitation to the general public, encouraging everyone to participate in the project.

He added that the stainless steel metal box will be buried behind the fountain on the traffic island at the intersection of Av. Fluvial Vallarta and Francisco Medina Ascencio, and will remain sealed for 25 years under the watchful eye of the Centro Universitario de la Costa faculty, who will make an exhibition with the objects that are not claimed as part of Puerto Vallarta's 125th anniversary celebrations.

The City Official also announced that Puerto Vallarta will celebrate World Tourism Day 2018 with a large program of activities that are relevant to this year's WTD theme "Innovation and digital transformation," and that Ecuador will be participating as the guest country.

Source: Banderas News