XVIII Festival Gourmet International in Puerto Vallarta

Once again the month of the Festival Gourmet International in Puerto Vallarta is almost here, bringing with it the reward of great tasting food and fabulous gourmet experiences. This year it'll be held from November 8 till the 18th and will be held both in Puerto Vallarta as in the Riviera Nayarit.

Festival Gourmet XVIII, 2012

1995 was the first year the Festival Gourmet was held, the result of a conversation between Thierry Blouet from Café des Artistes, Heinz Reize from Hotel Krystal and Silvan Müller of Nestlé. This conversation led to the idea of promoting Vallarta's vibrant gourmet scene and the excellent local restaurants for the world to see.

The 10 day gourmet festival the last 17 years has enriched both the local gastronomic activity and has made Puerto Vallarta a destination with more than the normal appeal of a Mexican beach town.

In 1995 the first festival was held with six 5 star hotels and six local restaurants in the roster, each with an invited guest chef. Until this day, the format hasn't changed, each host restaurant brings an invited chef, but now the participants are much closer to 30 each year.

The invited chefs work together with the local masters, both at the hotels and the local restaurants, creating new and superb quality dishes, that'll make this a one in a kind happening.

Visit the official site to reserve your space in the various events.
Festival Gourmet 2012 Program

Welcome to this unforgettable "Fiesta!!

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