"Searching for Reason" by Sergio Bustamante (2000)

In Search of Reason

A monumental sculpture by Sergio Bustamante, both controversial and interesting, strange and fun all at the same time, certainly a piece you can't pass without noticing on the Malecon.

"Searching for Reason" (En Busca de la Razón) by the famous Mexican artist, Sergio Bustamante, a very distinctive 60-foot high statue with three strange pillow-headed figures and a ladder which two are climbing, like searching for an answer farther and above the normal limits of humanity.

Sergio Bustamante states that the sculpture was inspired by Nobel Peace Prize winner, philosopher and logician, Bertrand Arthur William Russell and his writings:

"When the intensity of emotional conviction subsides, a man who is in the habit of reasoning will search for logical grounds in favor of the belief which he finds in himself."

"Searching for Reason" by Sergio Bustamante (2000)

This surrealistic sculpture is definitively interesting and strange at the same time, the individuals, their shapes, the title of the work, all make you wonder.

It all starts with a philosophical problem, the dilemma we have as a species, which also affected Bernard Russell, who worried that humans were not really reasoning when interpreting their world and not striving to protect life on Earth, rather the exact contrary, wars, atomic bombs and continuously guided by basic fears that in turn lead to dogma and prejudice.

People like to climb up this statue and take their photograph which is fine just as long as they don't fall off during the photo shoot. It is also the artist's wish: "I like getting people to interact with it, with my art." So enjoy it, the artist wants you to. Sergio says about the piece: "It's about freedom".

Definitively one of the most impressive statues on the seaside boardwalk. You'll find the sculpture where Corona Street ends on the Malecon.

Sergio Bustamante was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa in 1936 and has lived most of his life in Guadalajara, Jalisco. This sculpture was inaugurated on the Malecon on July 4th, 2000.

Author: M. A. Gallardo

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