"John Huston" by Carlos Ramírez, 1988

John Huston by Carlos Ramírez (1988) Cuale River Island

John Huston was one of the best known, and most respected movie directors of Hollywood's Golden Era. His life and work were from an early age linked to Mexico, and his effect on Puerto Vallarta, crucial.

Puerto Vallarta certainly knows who John Huston is, the newer generations may not have heard of him, but they should. This famous movie director put Vallarta on the map in the early 1960's with the movie "The Night of the Iguana" which brought all the jet-set and tabloid media down to this, at that time, unknown tropical paradise.

John Huston on Isla Río Cuale, Puerto Vallarta

John Huston's friend, Humberto Esparza (owner of the Le Bistro restaurant), ordered a sculpture of John Huston on his director's seat from Carlos Ramírez and it was part of an event held on the 25th anniversary of the shooting of the movie, in 1988.

John Huston

At the inauguration, several cast members of another movie being shot in Puerto Vallarta, directed by Tony Scott called "Revenge", were present, including Kevin Costner and Anthony Quinn.

John Huston's son, actor and director Danny Huston, got married by the statue in 2002. The statue is located on Isla Río Cuale by Le Bistro Restaurant, a few steps from the Cuale Cultural Center.

Author: M. A. Gallardo

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