This public space that Vallartenses share with the world is framed by a beautiful natural setting and every day it is filled more and more with beautiful art, culture, and entertainment that attracts the people of Puerto Vallarta to the Malecon.

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The Malecon comes alive

We are talking about all the vendors, cartoonists, painters, acrobats, sculptors, those who for years have filled the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk with life and joy so that all visitors can enjoy a colorful and pleasant walk along the waterfront and also enjoy various attractions that make the stroll something different and quite unforgettable.

Today, with the remodeled malecón one of the important aspects is that all this folklore survives and continues to delight visitors and that all the people who make it possible rest assured that all the activities that have taken place here for years will be organizing in new ways so that all participants will still have the opportunity to continue earning a living here and, furthermore, that the magic of this walking area also prevails. These changes have been made trying to balance a number of elements, one is a better image, harmony, and beauty of the town and Malecon itself, at the same time that those that make a living there are also taken into account.

To achieve this, the Municipal Government, through the Administrative Office of Census and Licensing Regulations, the deputy director of Culture and the leaders of Culture and Tourism, took on the task of organizing several meetings with members of these different groups, those who for years have been part of this economic activity. Agreements were set for the location, schedules and how to avoid saturation as was the case in the past, and at the same time maintain a better image which is the main goal, that those that stroll along the Malecon and the waterfront have a pleasant experience.

In the case of the sculptors as well as the rest of the artists and vendors that are present throughout the year displaying their works, products, and shows, they will take turns in pairs and every 2 weeks will change their location, this will also be the case with vendors, acrobats, and others, so that all have the same chance to participate in the walkway. Furthermore, artists and vendors will also have their place in the Plaza de Armas, the Marina, and the Lazaro Cardenas Plaza.

This will then result, as mentioned above, in a better organization among those who for years have been part of the magic and folklore of Puerto Vallarta boardwalk, giving them all equal opportunities of development and of course, giving the area a extraordinary appearance, something both local residents and visitors will no doubt enjoy walking along on the Malecon once again, and also fully enjoying the presence of all these people who have offered their magic daily.

So do not miss the opportunity to come to reacquaint yourself with the new and improved Malecón in Puerto Vallarta, more beautiful than ever, but retaining the same magic and old traditions.