Handicrafts and Folk art, Huichol Art in Puerto Vallarta

Local handicrafts and folk art of the region include sandals and huaraches, made with leather and the "Vallarta" style shoes, that are similar to moccasins. Manta (natural cotton cloth) dresses with hand-embroidered Mexican motifs that have in time been influenced a bit by Hawaiian Muu-muu and the African Kaftan.

Huichol art pieces
Huichol art

You'll find frames, windows, and chandeliers of artistic wrought iron, colonial-style furniture, all kinds of jewelry in silver and other materials, plus decorative pieces in mother of pearl.

As Vallarta is a popular tourist destination you can also find all kinds of pieces from every part of México, ceramic and pottery from Tlaquepaque, Tonalá and Oaxaca, jewelry from Taxco, blown glass, onyx and obsidian figures, paper maché and the ubiquitous T-shirts with "smart" messages.

  • Alfarería Tlaquepaque
    Downtown. Since 1953, this shop has offered wonderfully painted pottery, dishware, baskets, Talavera and earthenware and other hand-crafted items.
    Av. Mexico, 1100, Downtown Puerto Vallarta. Phone: 223-2121.
  • Arte Mágico Huichol (Galería Alpacora)
    Downtown. A beautiful collection of masks, clothing and yarn "paintings" created by the Huichol Indians of the state of Nayarit. These items are sold throughout Puerto Vallarta and help support the Huichol Indians.
    Corona 179, Downtown Puerto Vallarta, Phone: 222-3077
  • Arte Oaxaca
    Rugs, bedspreads, and tablecloths to order, also handbags. All dyes are natural, from plants, animals, and minerals as is traditional.
    Av. Mexico 17-A, Bucerías. Closed from June to mid-September.
  • Arte Popular Mexicano
    Great Masters Gallery, features internationally recognized Mexican artists, paintings, unique handcrafted pieces such as sculptures, paper maché, ceramic, and wood.
    Address: Libertad 285, Puerto Vallarta, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Phone: 222 6960. Mon-Sat.: 10AM-9PM.
  • Artesanías La Reja
    Excellent selection of blown glass, lamps, ceramics, paper-maché, piñatas, tin and clay items, hand-cut paper designs and stained glass.
    Address: Calle Juarez 501, Downtown Puerto Vallarta.
  • Casa del Artesano
    Folk art shop in Bucerías, in the south part of town near the restaurant and gallery district. The modern and traditional ceramic from Tonalá, pottery from Michoacán, woodwork from San Luis Potosí and other gifts.
    Address: Av. Lázaro Cárdenas 29, Bucerías. Phone: (329) 298-0232
  • Galería Corazón
    High-end arts and crafts from all over Mexico. Unique Huichol designs. Owners visit states around Mexico to purchase works directly from artisans. Open from 11 AM to 6 PM. Closed Mondays and from May to October.
    Address: Calle Cuba corner of Av. Tercer Mundo, San Francisco.
  • Galería Indígena
    A wide assortment of handicrafts, Huichol works, Talavera from Puebla, woodwork and more.
    Address: Av. Juárez 628, Downtown Puerto Vallarta. Phone: 223-0800
  • Galería Tanana
    Genuine crafts, the main part of the sales go to a non-profit organization that promotes Huichol cultural sustainability.
    Address: Av. del Palmar 8, Sayulita. Phone: (329) 291-3889.
  • Instituto de la Artesanía Jaliscience
    The shop promotes handicrafts made in all the state of Jalisco, ceramic, blown-glass, dishware from Tonalá. Ceramic and works from around the state, glassware.
    Address: Juárez 284, Downtown Puerto Vallarta, by the main plaza. Phone: 222-1301.
  • Huichol Collection
    Here you'll find Huichol natives working on crafts with their colorful clothing. An impressive collection of work, though the artwork is genuine and for sale, the store is mostly a front for timeshare sales, though not they are not into hard-selling, so you can get in and out without problems.
    Address: Paseo Díaz Ordaz 732, Downtown Puerto Vallarta. Phone: 223-0661
    Another location at Morelos 490, Downtown Puerto Vallarta, phone: 223-2141
  • La Colección
    High quality, hand-crafted furniture, and decorative accessories. Specialized in custom-made furniture, antique reproductions, and quality rustic designs. All products are made entirely by hand by some of Mexico's most accomplished artisans.
    Fco. I Madero 272, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta
    Phone: 223-4236
  • La Hamaca
    Unique folk art and handicrafts, masks, pottery, woodwork and hammocks from around Mexico, shawls and clothes from Guatemala. Open from 9 AM - 9 PM daily.
    Calle Revolución 110, Sayulita. Phone: (329) 291-3039
  • Lucy's Cucu Cabana
    Mexican arts and crafts from around Mexico, a good selection of truly authentic Mexican folk and other arts and crafts. Address: Basilio Badillo 295, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta. Phone: 222-1220. Closed at lunchtime, Closed Sundays and from September to Mid-October.
  • Mundo de Cristal
    Glassware from Jalisco and Guanajuato, sold in sets or separately. Talavera is also available.
    Address: Av. Insurgentes 333, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta. Phone: 222-1426. Open Monday to Saturday, Saturdays closed in the afternoon.
  • Mundo de Azulejos
    A family business established by Don Benigno Ibarra more than 20 years ago. After the Talavera providers from Hidalgo could not meet up with the demand, the tiles started being produced locally.
    Address: Venustiano Carranza 374, Emiliano Zapata, Downtown Puerto Vallarta. Phone: (322) 222-2675 & 222-5402 Fax: (322) 222-3292. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Olinala Gallery
    Downtown. A museum-like gallery with authentic ritual masks, beaded art, lapidary work and many one-of-a-kind pieces. Free crating and airport delivery.
    Lazaro Cardenas 274, Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta. Phone: 222-4995 or 228-0659
  • Talavera, Etc.
    Downtown, three blocks south of the river. Wide selection of famous Talavera ceramics from the state of Puebla, hand-made jewelry by Mexico’s top designers, and home decorating items. They pack and ship.
    Phone. 222-4100. Av. Ignacio Vallarta 266, Puerto Vallarta.

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