Las Caletas Beach, Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco, Mexico - south of Puerto Vallarta

Las Caletas Beach Getaway Tour, hammocks

If you live somewhere where the weather is really not ideal, especially during the cold winter months, it starts to get a little tough. You start dreaming about warmer places and imagine yourself relaxing on a beach or an island with nothing but blue skies for miles in every direction – maybe sipping margaritas while listening to waves lapping against lonely shores?

Dreams come true in the magical place where anything seems possible. The name of this dreamy destination? Las Caletas, just south of Puerto Vallarta!

Las Caletas panorama, looking west

Las Caletas, beach and tour boat

Puerto Vallarta has lots to offer when it comes to vacationing in Mexico, not only is the whole area extremely beautiful, but there are ideal tourist services, hotels, restaurants, tours and more, all of a world-class level, so there is no need to worry.

A well-connected International Airport, transportation services, friendly people willing to make your stay relaxing and memorable, the ingredients are all there.

Las Caletas Beach, south of Puerto Vallarta

Beach at Las Caletas looking east

It’s all fine, but what about getting away from the normal tourist lanes, avoid the clichés, try something new and at the same time get to taste a bit of this ideal dream. Is there a place that could cover all these bases? As you can see by the title, we are talking about Las Caletas, an isolated jungle-clad green canopy enveloped cove and beach that you only can get to by boat.

Las Caletas Beach Hideaway

Rhythms of the Night – Savia

About Las Caletas

Las Caletas Beach, Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco, Mexico

Las Caletas Beach, Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco, Mexico

Today this lovely beach hideaway in the middle of the jungle is now leased since the 1990s by Vallarta Adventures and is offered exclusively as part of their all-inclusive tour Las Caletas Beach Hideaway (Top 4 Secluded Beach Destination in the World by TripAdvisor – some services have an additional cost).

Las Caletas Beach Getaway Map

Las Caletas Beach Getaway Map

The beauty of Caletas is absolutely stunning you’ll find tropical plants everywhere and you’ll feel like you are walking through a jungle. When you start to wish for some relaxation you can enjoy chilling out in hammocks by the warm and calm sea, sip on a great tropical drink while being pampered by the friendly and attentive staff (all the necessary boxes checked!).

A little bit of history

Las Caletas in the 1970s when John Huston lived thereLas Caletas 2020

John Huston at Las Caletas in the 1970s

John Huston was the first foreigner to notice and enjoy this place, he loved Mismaloya and Puerto Vallarta, but he wanted a place even more isolated and away from the daily toil, Las Caletas was his choice for a home, he leased it in the 1970s from the Chacala Indians, that manage the “ejido” and lived there for almost two decades until his health forced him back to the USA. His daughter, the famous Oscar-winning actress, Anjelica Huston, said:

“He found great happiness there in his last years … in the jungle, beside the sea, lit by the stars.”

John Huston at Las Caletas in the 1970s

Where is Las Caletas Beach?

Las Caletas, Jalisco, Mexico panorama from the sea

Las Caletas beach a piece of paradise

All southern beaches beyond Boca de Tomatlán (where the highway to Barra de Navidad leaves the edge of the Banderas Bay) that include, in order: Las Animas, Quimixto, Las Caletas, Majahuitas, and Yelapa, are public except Caletas.

Puerto Vallarta South Zone Beaches

Map of the South Zone beaches, including Las Caletas

Las Caletas is some 15 minutes East of Yelapa by sea and around 15 minutes West of Boca de Tomatlán in the South Zone, but as mentioned, you can’t arrive there on your own.

Relax and enjoy the day at Las Caletas, Jalisco

Las Caletas is a beautiful 1000 yard long beach broken up into 4 smaller beaches and includes a natural reserve with over 1000 hectares of jungle.

Upon arrival the visitors disembark onto the pier located on the west side of the cove, this place is not wheelchair accessible, so do take this into account.

Las Caletas view from the pier

How to get to this beach getaway

These parrots welcome you to Las Caletas

This beach is leased to Vallarta Adventures by the Chacala Indigenous community. Because this tour provider offers all-inclusive amenities to those visitors that arrive with their “Las Caletas Beach Hideaway” and the “Rhythms of the Night- Savia” tours, including food, activities and drinks, you are not able to arrive here independently.

If you are considering a trip here (there are many reasons to), then do book your tour beforehand. You can find this tour and support this website, using our tour reservation system through Fareharbor, click on the “Book Now” button available on our site (right-hand corner in desktop; middle-bottom in mobile).

What to do at Las Caletas

Las Caletas offers many things to do and enjoy, not only for adults but for teens and children too. There’s an animal encounter with parrots and a zoo on site.

You can learn to scuba dive, power snorkel, swim with sea lions, take cooking classes, kayak, paddle board, ride the banana boat.

There’s an 18+ beach, an activity beach and a beach for relaxing.

A list of most of the options includes:

  • scuba diving
  • snorkeling with sea lions
  • paddle boarding
  • kayaking
  • guided nature walks
  • a wonderful hilltop spa
  • the orchidarium
  • the aviary
  • a deer sanctuary
  • Yoga
  • Cooking lessons, etc.
Hammock beach, Las Caletas, Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco, Mexico - south of Puerto Vallarta

The list goes on, for example, kids (4 to 11; 1 meter – 3.1ft height minimum) enjoy a long list of other activities, including:

  • Arts & crafts
  • Kid’s Adventure Park with:
    • hanging bridges
    • zip-lines
    • Tarzan swing
    • climbing nets
    • donkey rides
    • fun animals like monkeys, parrots
    • even a friendly boa, if you are into wildlife.
Las Caletas, eastern end of the beach

East end of Las Caletas offers adult and teen activities

Teen Adventure Cove includes highly physically demanding activities, participants must be in excellent physical and mental condition. The options there include Zip Line, Step Up, a waterslide called “Rattlesnake” & Banana for ages 12+, (Rattlesnake 8+). The minimum height required is 4 ft. (1.2 m), maximum weight of 118kg (260lbs).

Las Caletas by night

Las Caletas by night, recent photo

There is also a nighttime tour that takes you there which is great for romantics, called Rhythms of the Night – Savia, that includes dinner and a show too.

Las Caletas is magically set up for this night tour/event and is very beautiful with its combination of beaches, cliffs and the green jungle. An open-air amphitheater is located in the middle of the jungle for the outstanding show!

Rhythms of the Night – SAVIA is a celebration that combines acrobatic skill, vibrant dance and amazing costumes to tell lusciously imagined tales and breathtaking interpretations of the Aztec creation story. The show’s creator Gilles Ste-Croix has been involved with creating Cirque du Soleil since its inception 50 years ago.

Live music is played in pathways and restaurants.

If you take the tour, from Puerto Vallarta the trip on the boat is about one hour, the other starting point is in Nuevo Vallarta.

Tips & suggestions

Las Caletas, Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco, Mexico

They recommend you bring:

  • a towel
  • your swimsuit
  • biodegradable sunscreen
  • a light sweater, and
  • a hat.

Having some extra money will come in handy for tips and if you want some extras, like a massage or something from the small gift shop there. You can buy waterproof cameras, t-shirts and things like that there too.

There are lockers at Las Caletas so you can store things safely while you enjoy the activities, snorkeling or kayaking – you will need to leave an ID or hotel key as a deposit for this, so take that into account too.

Caletas Location Map

As mentioned, Las Caletas is south of Puerto Vallarta in the municipality called Cabo Corrientes in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. It is only accessible by sea and only through Vallarta Adventures.

The beach itself is between Quimixto and Majahuitas, the two closest beaches to the east and west respectively.

Where to stay at Las Caletas

Las Caletas, Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco, Mexico

Once you arrive at Las Caletas Beach Getaway you immediately start wishing you could stay there a few days and nights. Vallarta Adventures still does not offer this option and all tours are either during the day or for the show and dinner at night. So staying overnight at this wonderful beach is not an option.

Considering all tours start off either in Nuevo Vallarta or from the Puerto Vallarta harbor (with a stop close to the Los Muertos pier if required). Those would be your options for where to stay.


Relax on the beach

Relax on the beach in las Caletas, Cabo Corrientes

So here’s your chance to enjoy a real tropical paradise hideaway, if you get bored of relaxing, there are lots to do, if you enjoy nature, lots to enjoy too and if you have kids, they’ll have a blast here too, we think there is no way possible of going wrong here, so do visit Las Caletas if this all sounds like an ideal dream for you too.


Las Caletas Beach Hideaway

Rhythms of the Night – Savia