Navidad, a cute colonial town in Jalisco

The town of Navidad is part of the Mascota Municipality and is located in the state of Jalisco, 1860 meters (6102 ft) over sea level. The town has a total of around 250 inhabitants.

It's a small colonial town up in between the hills and mountains of the Sierra, some 30 minutes from Mascota, Jalisco (19 kilometers - 12 miles).

Navidad, Mascota, Jalisco

Navidad, dates back to the mid-1600's, more precisely 1644 when they started finding mines in the area, though it was located behind another hill close to a pond, then it was moved to the present location. 

On the way up from Mascota you pass through the towns of La Hierbabuena and Cimarrón Chico.

Navidad started growing with the mining boom that also developed the other towns in the surroundings, including Puerto Vallarta. At its peak, it had over 1200 inhabitants, but now its a town lost in time, offering a relaxed and interesting view of what the life is in rural Mexico and what larger towns and cities in Jalisco were like centuries ago. The houses are all very much alike, built with adobe and tiled roofs.

Navidad, Jalisco

The town has a little plaza, a kiosk, and a nice church. The main activities in town now are handicrafts, agriculture and Raicilla production which is a liquor produced from an agave plant called Lechuguilla.

The route from Mascota to Navidad is fairly popular among mountain bikers (check it out).

More information on Navidad, visit their FB Page.

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