"The Boy on the Seahorse" by Rafael Zamarripa Castañeda (1976)

"The Boy on the Seahorse" by Rafael Zamarripa Castañeda (1976)

This is was the first statue that was placed in downtown Puerto Vallarta, a 10-foot replica of the Seahorse statue that was as Las Pilitas on Los Muertos Beach.

The Seahorse

Puerto Vallarta has two main symbols, the Guadalupe Parish and the Seahorse statue, titled "The Boy on the Seahorse" (El Niño Sobre el Caballo de Mar) which as requested initially in 1960 and this replica in 1976.

The artist is Rafael Zamarripa Castañeda in 1960 was only 18 years old and had just won the Mexican National Sculpture Award.

"The Boy upon the Seahorse", Rafael Zamarripa Castañeda (1976)

Rafael Zamarripa (born Feb. 8th, 1942 in Guadalajara) is now a famous Mexican choreographer, he has excelled as a sculptor, ceramist, designer, painter, dancer, teacher and scenographer. He is also responsible for the "El León en el Árbol" statue in Guadalajara, a well-known symbol of that city too.

The original seahorse statue was placed in 1960 at Las Pilitas, a rocky outcropping on the south end of Los Muertos Beach, this statue was swept away after a particularly strong storm. So in 1976, a larger replica was sculpted upon request and it's the one you can see on the Malecon in downtown Vallarta.

Seahorse Sunset

Later on, the lost sculpture was retrieved and placed in its original location. After hurricane Kenna swept by, barely missing the city in 2002, the sculpture was once again washed away by the sea, but as you can imagine, because the statue is there now, yes, it was found again :-).

Boy on the Seahorse

So, if one is great, two are even better! PV now has two seahorse statues by this very accomplished artist.

Author: M. A. Gallardo

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