"Triton and Mermaid" by Carlos Espino (1990)

Triton and Mermaid by Carlos Espino (1990)

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A well known, classical style sculpture on the Puerto Vallarta Malecon, until recently found in front of Mandala (Malecon and Abasolo), in the past in the location of the Subtle Rock Eater sculpture was located. March 2019 it has been moved back to it's XX Century location on Morelos and Mina streets, that is some 40 yards from the Seahorse statue.

(Also found under the erroneous names "Neptune and the Nereid", "Triton and the Nereid" or "Poseidon and the Nereid").

This bronze sculpture was created by sculptor Carlos Espino (born in Mexico City, May 3rd, 1953), where he concentrates on the human form and classical mythology, which can clearly be appreciated in this piece.

Triton & The Mermaid by Carlos Espino (1990)

It depicts Triton, a merman, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite (God and Goddess of the sea respectively) reaching out to a Mermaid.

The name of the sculpture is and should always have been Triton and Mermaid, for some unknown reason, despite authorship and intellectual property rights (plus a total lack of knowledge in Greek and Roman mythology), local authorities changed the name to "Neptune and the Nereid" when inaugurating this statue on the Malecon.

Triton and Mermaid by Carlos Espino

We respectfully disagree and will keep on calling the sculpture as the artist named it.

Author: M. A. Gallardo

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