Top 10 Romantic Experiences in Puerto Vallarta

Top 10 Romantic Experiences in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most romantic places on Earth, or so we hear, and anyway, even if it's not the MOST romantic, with its cobblestone streets, beautiful views and landmarks, colorful sunsets and great tours and restaurant options, you can't be completely calling it that.

Anyway, it's always good to have some inspiration before you travel and while you are in town, so we've collected a few of the best ideas, hopefully, you'll find some that inspire you too. Enjoy!

Our Top 10 Romantic Experiences are:

  1. The Stroll of Love
  2. Dance the night away
  3. Romantic sunset cruise
  4. Dinner at Los Muertos Beach
  5. Sunset with a view
  6. Picnic at Las Amapas
  7. Be still my beating heart!
  8. A treat for the senses
  9. A romantic dinner at The River
  10. Explosive love

1- The Stroll of Love

The Malecon

Take a stroll along the Malecón, the seaside boardwalk, hand in hand, with an ice-cream or some other sweet or tasty treat. Then have a drink by the beach in one of the many seaside-beachside bars and restaurants. Most active time: weekends, best hour: late afternoon, less sun, the sunset, more options, and entertainment. Read more.

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2- Dance the night away

Dance the night away

A night out dancing romantic and exotic Latin music at, for example, the Kokopelli Karaoke & Dance Bar or the J&B Salsa Club. If you are into more standard music, there are many clubs in town and in the hotel zone, including Zoo, Mandala in downtown PV or Strana and Xtine in the hotel zone, plus many others. Read more.

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3- Romantic Sunset Cruise

Rhythms of the Night

Take a sunset cruise on the bay, there are quite a few options. One of the most popular is the always romantic "Rhythms of the Night", which includes a bay cruise, dinner, and show at Las Caletas, a secluded beach in the southern part of the bay. Read more.

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4- Dinner on Playa Los Muertos

Dinner at El Dorado

Enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the many beachfront restaurants with an evening view of the new and colorful Los Muertos Pier, perfect for photos and a stroll too. The restaurants and bars include for example at La Palapa, Coco Tropical, El Dorado or Daiquiri Dick's.

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5- Sunset with a view

Sunset from Panorama Restaurant, La Siesta

View the town, the bay and the impressive sunsets from a vantage point, one great example is the Panorama Restaurant at La Siesta Suites: great food and a unique and arguably the best view in town. Another very recommended restaurant with an impressive view is El Palomar de Los Gonzalez. Read more.

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6- Picnic at Las Amapas

Las Amapas Beach

Walk along Los Muertos beach, take a photo at Las Pilitas with the original Seahorse statue, continue up past El Púlpito and have a picnic on the "hidden beach" of Las Amapas on the other side. Read more.

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7- Be still my beating heart

Canopy Tours

Share (suffer ;-)) an adrenaline rush together with your couple on one of the many Canopy Tours in Vallarta. A great experience to share, jungle and nature, great views from above, lots of fun once you get over the initial doubts and fear of heights. Read more in our recommended Top 10 tours section.

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8- A treat for the senses

Spa Treatment

Visit a spa for two, get your favorite treatment (suggest one for your inexperienced partner) and then have stress-free fun at your hotel afterward. There are quite a few options in Vallarta, we can recommend Metamorfosis and Terra Noble Spas.

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9- A romantic dinner at The River

The River Cafe

A dinner (or one of their famous coffees and desserts) at the River Cafe on the small patch of jungle in the middle of town, the river Cuale Island.

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10 - Explosive Love

The Marieta Islands

Visit the "hidden beach" at the Marieta Islands, snorkel and feed the fish, swim through the tunnel into the impressive beach inside the island and watch dolphins, whales and other creatures of the bay during the trip. Read more.

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Hope you like our ideas, if you have any you prefer, don't forget to add them in your comments or send them to us, and we'll make a version 2.0 with your suggestions too.


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