Vallarta Botanical Gardens

A new addition to the things you can do and enjoy in the area: Vallarta Botanical Gardens. There are some older botanical gardens in the area, but this one guarantees a fun and educational day trip. (Read a VBG review)

You'll find trails through the gardens and jungle trails that include labeled trees and other species from the plant kingdom.

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Botanical gardens in Puerto Vallarta are an important element in developing and enhancing what is called "green tourism", ecological tourism or ecotourism, and give visitors that support and are most interested in participating in defending biodiversity and the conservation of the local heritage a new option for their vacation or trip to Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta, it turns out, has a few botanical gardens where, not only are you offered the scientific and didactic aspects already mentioned, but they also are quite popular for events and banquets. Who wouldn't enjoy a party in the worldly equivalent of the Garden of Eden?

The best botanical garden in the area is Vallarta Botanical Gardens (map, website, phone) an educational research center and pleasure garden high in the Sierra Madre Mountains, established by Bob Price, 16 miles south of Puerto Vallarta's main square following Highway 200, also known as the Highway to Barra de Navidad (if you pass El Tuito, you've gone too far :-))

Orchid gardens

Vallarta Botanical Gardens offer 20 acres of land, with botanical collections featuring over 3 thousand different plant species. The gardens are within a unique dry tropical forest ecosystem at 1,300 feet above sea level. Here you'll find many fun activities and different gardens you can enjoy:

  • Palm Gardens
  • Rose Garden
  • Tree Fern Grotto
  • Orchid House
  • Jungle Trails
  • Tropical Bird Watching
  • Agave Gardens
  • Displays of Mexican Wildflowers &
  • Carnivorous Plant Collection.

Los Horcones River

You can bring your swimsuit along and take a dive into the refreshing and crystal clear Rio Los Horcones, that ends in Boca de Tomatlán.

The visitor's center Hacienda de Oro offers spectacular mountain views, where you'll also find the restaurant Hacienda de Oro, with a courteous staff, brick oven pizzas, salads and Mexican specialties.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens are registered with the Botanic Gardens Conservation International in Surrey, England and are members of the Asociacion Mexicana de Orquideologia and are a non-profit institution.

The botanical garden is also of great interest to scientists from around the world, some believe many of the plants on display still have not been studied thoroughly.

Beautiful flowers abound

There is also an orchid farm with 100 different species, and this area of the botanical garden is expected to become a protected area. The owner of the garden is raising five thousand orchids in his own farm, with the idea of adding 1200 Mexican orchids to the collection.

The botanical garden is also a bird reserve with the collaboration of ornithologists and is also a member of international bird conservation agencies.

Map, address, website and phone

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Puerto Vallarta’s Botanical Gardens and learn a little about the vast variety of species in this beautiful region and enjoy the wonderful scenery they create.

Water lilies

Botanical gardens are mostly educational research centers that offer an area with labeled plants including their scientific and common names. Many are also dedicated to the study of the wide variety of flora that exists all over the world, and keep, exhibit and educate others on this fascinating scientific subject.

Botanical gardens normally have special facilities that help plant species that have special habitat requirements and that otherwise would not survive naturally in the geographic and climate area the botanical garden is located in. These facilities include greenhouses, dryhouses or shadehouses for tropical, desert plants or plants that can't stand sudden temperature changes.

The first botanical gardens appeared during the Renaissance period and these were dedicated exclusively to plants with medicinal or nutritional benefits.

Botanical gardens also provide an educational service, most are associated with universities or other scientific centers. Most have associated herbaria (collections of dried and identified parts of plants together with other useful information), plant taxonomy or some other aspect of the botanical sciences.

The Vallarta Botanical Garden A.C. is located on Km. 24 on the Coastal Highway from Puerto Vallarta to Barra de Navidad, the phone number is (322) 223-6182.
Website: - VBA on Wikipedia.

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