Weddings in Paradise

by Peter Wells Scott

Everyone thinks of Puerto Vallarta as a perfect vacation spot, and as encompassing all the ingredients for the idyllic honeymoon, but more and more folks are looking to Vallarta as a place to get married. The weather, the ocean breezes, the friendliness of the people, the accessability by air, and the general economies are all attractions.

From south to north around the bay, there are untold enclaves and coves that have proven to be “the perfect spot” for many that have tied the knot.

Not wanting to steal anyone’s thunder, we nevertheless offer seven suggestions that have met the needs of many.

1. Le Kliff in Boca de Tomatlan. Described as the “largest restaurant palapa” in Latin America, Le Kliff has been a perrenial favorite for diners seeking out of the way elegance. Waves crashing against the rocks below add to the ambience. Receptions can be held right on location. Can easily handle up to 200 people.

2. Moving north up the coast, Villas Mar a Lago has 6 comfortable villas with enticing names. Boca Raton, Desiree, Copa Cabana, Capri, Monaco and Don Juan. The wedding party can be housed right in the villas. Again, the ceremony can be performed followed by a reception. Norma Molinar has an excellent chef, and also makes available wedding consultations.

3. Lindomar is a time share resort that is cradled between a series of rocks The waves lap against the rocks and makes for a very romantic setting. There are many strategic locations for the ceremony, and dining for up to 100 persons is no problem.

4. Moving to the marina area, several leading hotels have extensive grounds and capacity to accomodate up to 200 guests. Four in particular are noteworthy. Westin Regina, Marriott Magna, Velas Vallarta have all been favorites. Next to Velas, Bay View Grand has a bodega right on the beach which offers a very romantic setting. Receptions can be held at one of the previously mentioned hotels.

5. In Nuevo Vallarta, Paradise Village, Marival, and the new Rio hotel all can accommodate up to 200 people.

6. The Four Seasons Resort in Punta de Mita is where many folks flying in on their Lear Jets end up. It offers every exquisite extra for the most discerning.

7. Sayulita, like Lindomar, has beach settings that are unique. Don Pedro’s Restaurant sits on the beach, and surfers ply their trade nearby.Puerto Vallarta is a leading destination for vacationers, honeymooners, and, yes, for those choosing a site to exchange wedding vows.