Photographers in Puerto Vallarta

Malecon Vallarta 18

Online magazine Vallarta Lifestyles has published an article highliting several international photographers who have chosen our beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta as their permanent place of residence. Here's an excerpt from the article:

Although diverse reasons brought them to this region of the Pacific, these photographers have four things in common: they come from abroad, they are passionate about photographythey love life inMexico and they dedicate a good part of their time to capturing moments, landscapes and elements of local culture through their lenses. Vallarta Lifestyles approached them to learn more about their motivations for residing in Vallarta · Nayarit, as well as to understand how their photographic style is related to their daily life. In a way, their work reflects that extraordinary phenomenon experienced by visitors admiring our port’s beauty for the first time.

You can read a small profile for each photographer over at Vallarta Lifestyles.