Puerto Vallarta always has something new to offer the locals and the visitors. It’s time to mention an area has received less visitors since the construction of the extension of the Malecon, but this is a big mistake, because it is in this area that you can find a wide range of options for all tastes. We are talking about Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone that has both art, food, fun and much more to offer the visitors.

Rediscover Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone

If you want to enjoy a delicious meal, a tasty coffee, purchase a work of art or just enjoy a colorful and fun stroll around town, this is the ideal place for that. The area is quite big in itself and includes stores, cafés, restaurants, shops, bars and much more, there really is something for everyone. The area we are talking about covers from the Camarones River in the north to Playa Conchas Chinas in the south.

To start off this stroll you could enjoy a delicious ice cream and it is here where one of the most traditional ice cream parlors in the region is located. They not only prepare ice cream or popsicles, they also offer juices (aguas) if you prefer and they are always made with one hundred percent natural ingredients, containing no artificial flavors and the water they use is completely purified, so there no reason to fear Montezuma. Try them, it’s really worth trying these traditional and rich popsicles, ice creams or freshly made juices.

If we continue our stroll we’ll also find a variety of art galleries, including one where they showcase the work of a Puerto Vallarta artist, Rodolfo Rosas Hernandez. His works are made with small pieces of hand cut mirrors, to which he adds color. All the pieces this artist creates are absolutely beautiful and original. Here you can also find beautiful entirely Mexican handmade decorative pieces.

For those who love religious art, you’ll also find a place where they sell unique and innovative pieces for all tastes. We can find anything from crucifixes to pre-Hispanic sculptures, skulls, nativities and more.

If you continue your stroll you’ll enjoy a pleasant surprise, the oldest audio store in Puerto Vallarta, which of course has a wide variety of products, from compact discs to anything you may need to create your own music and production studio, here you’ll also find musical instruments, accessories and more.

Beyond the above mentioned stores you can, of course, not miss out on the local Puerto Vallarta food, a town renowned for its delicious seafood prepared, both in the traditional way, or in totally unconventional twists by the local world-class chefs.

This time around we’ll mention a restaurant located precisely in the Zona Rosa and that offers to prepare the fish or shellfish you yourself catch. A short trip is made during the day, in which you capture your food and at night they prepare a delicious dinner with your catch. If the person who caught seafood so desires, he can invite someone to share the delicious bounty with him or her. Of course they also offer regular meals.

Puerto Vallarta not only offers seafood, there are also excellent choices of gourmet dishes made with beef, chicken, salads, etc. Do not miss out and remember to rediscover Puerto Vallarta’s Zona Romántica which has everything to offer.