"La Rinconada del Juglar" (The Minstrel Corner) by Ramiz Barquet, 1999

The Minstrel Corner (La Rinconada del Juglar), Ramiz Barquet

Ramiz Barquet offers a different sculpture in the Minstrel's Corner, a silent minstrel awaits at Hidalgo street before you climb the stairs up Galeana into the colorful gardens on the hills of Puerto Vallarta.

If you are walking along the Malecon and get to the lighthouse, walk up Galeana, like going up the hill, at the point when the street intersects Hidalgo, the street ends and the stairs up the hill start, this is where you'll find this statue by Ramiz Barquet inaugurated in May 1999 that depicts a minstrel playing on his flute.

The Minstrel Corner, Ramiz Barquet

Ramiz had noticed that people used this spot to throw trash, so he conceived "The Minstrel Corner" together with his longtime friend and architect Rafael Mijares (co-designer of Mexico City's very famous Anthropological Museum).

A drainage system that runs below the street was then designed and the available space was then used for a seated resting area (maybe a little rest before going up the hill?) and the sculpture. This also encouraged improvements in the gardens on the way up the hill along Galeana Street.

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Author: M. A. Gallardo

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