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The Day of the Dead celebrations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, this year were unlike any other.

One of Puerto Vallarta’s attractions, the Faro del Malecon, was the site of a Mexican ritual that is still making history.

The town’s annual Day of the Dead festival saw the unveiling of a massive calavera catrina that stood 22.67 meters (74 feet, 4.87 inches) above the city skyline.

On November 2, 2022, Puerto Vallarta will set a Guinness World Record for the tallest calavera catrina with this graceful and feminine skeleton-like sculpture.

It is still in use today and draws interest from both residents and tourists.

The Catrina took the city of Puerto Vallarta more than a year to design and construct. Alondra Muca, a local artist, oversaw the endeavor.

Alfredo Arista, a representative of Guinness World Records, was present to oversee the attempt and award the certificate.

Metal and fiberglass were used to create the massive structure.
On the project, a group of seamstresses, carpenters, florists, architects, and designers collaborated to ensure that it captured the vibrant Mexican traditions surrounding the Day of the Dead.

The blue garment of the Catrina honors the Pacific Ocean with marine-themed details.

The statue’s hand-painted fingernails, which are the size of an adult forearm and feature decorations of fish, shells, and manta rays, were made by artisans.

This year’s citywide Day of the Dead festival, where residents join together to memorialize loved ones who have passed away, was highlighted by Katrina.

During the event, painted sugar skulls were used to decorate the streets of Puerto Vallarta, while copal, incense, and palo santo scents filled the air.

A week will pass while the Calavera Catrina is on display.

After dismounting, the fabric used to make the catrina’s outfit will be given to nearby dressmakers and seamstresses.

The Municipio de Zapotlanejo, Jalisco (Mexico), set the previous world record for the tallest calavera catrina on November 1, 2015, measuring 18.77 m (61 ft 7.17 in).

These other world records are tied to the Day of the Dead:

The largest bread mosaic was created by the Ayuntamiento de Zacatlán, Mexico, on October 30, 2022. It measured 206.44 m2 (677.29 ft2). A picture of a catrina could be seen in the mosaic.
On November 1, 2019, the Gobierno del Estado de Hidalgo (Mexico) constructed the largest Day of the Dead altar, measuring 1,044.30 m2 (11,240.75 ft2).


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