Motorcycle Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Bike Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Do you like to ride motorbikes and does the thought of seeing the real Mexico off the beaten path appeal to you?

Beautiful Puerto Vallarta is located in such a unique place. Where the ocean meets jungle and high mountains. Enjoy exploring this beautiful place with never ending twisting mountain roads, colonial mountain towns, vista views and hidden empty beaches.

Bike Tours in Puerto Vallarta

A truly wonderful combination of ever-changing scenery while on a motorcycle. You have the choice of different motorcycle tours as well as a choice of different dual sports bikes.  These tours will leave you with the memories of a lifetime.

The first tour leaves Puerto Vallarta to the east on the old road to Guadalajara. After leaving the busy city you will feel the freedom of riding the bike through the lush green jungle on twisty, nearly empty roads. Yes, there is only a little traffic outside the Puerto Vallarta area. You can focus on riding a Dual Sports bike in this fascinating environment.

Motorbike Tours in Puerto Vallarta

We will reach the old colonial village San Sebastian del Oeste (1400 m / 4600 feet). This is a former silver mining town with its special charm of an old town with its original colonial buildings, pleasant main plaza, church and an interesting little museum. Here they grow coffee and you will see how to roast the coffee beans.

Motorcycle Tours in Puerto Vallarta

We leave San Sebastian and reach, on good twisty roads, the highest elevation point of this trip (1820 m / 5970 feet), before we ride further and reach the colonial town Mascota (1240 m / 4000 feet).

' Mascota is a small town that invites you to lay back and relax. Old-fashion cobblestone streets flanked by colonial style homes. You have time to stroll around and soak up the special vibe of this mountain town, or you can visit the Archaeological Museum.

Bike Tours in Puerto Vallarta Colonial Towns

After the lunch break we ride again towards Puerto Vallarta and on our way, we will visit a small Tequila distillery where they make handmade Tequila.  As you know, riding motorcycles and drinking alcohol is not a good combination but you can buy a bottle at the distillery to bring back with you if you choose. While at the distillery you will have a superb view over the whole process of making very special Tequila. We will arrive back in Puerto Vallarta before sunset after a wonderful 220 km ride.

Puerto Vallarta Motorcycle Tours

The second tour leaves Puerto Vallarta to the south. We cross through the old town in the romantic zone, ride along the ocean shores with fantastic views over the cliffs, beaches, and the small islands. A few minutes after leaving the city you will start to notice less and less traffic and the environment changes.

We ride through small villages to the first stop, the memorable Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens. The Botanical Gardens offer 20 acres of land, with botanical collections featuring over 3000 different plant species. The gardens are within a unique dry tropical forest ecosystem at 400 m / 1,300 feet above sea level. You have time to stroll around the area, see the orchids, the crystal clear river or just enjoy the beautiful mountain view from the excellent restaurant.

Puerto Vallarta and Motorcycle Tours

We will then drive the mountain ridge up to 800 m/2600 ft. before you reach the small town of El Tuito. It’s surrounded by pine tree forests at the point where you leave the Highway MEX 200 and head towards the coast. On tarmac and gravel roads descending constantly you then arrive at Playa Mayto.

There are no big hotels and no mass tourism. Just relax in a hammock or enjoy the endless beach and turquoise ocean. This area is also famous for the sea turtles nesting on the beaches. You then visit the nearby Tehuamixtle, a small fishing village that looks like an old Italian village. Tehuamixtle is well known for its oysters and all kind of awesome seafood. From there we have to say goodbye to this remote and beautiful area and ride back to Puerto Vallarta.

Bike Tours in Puerto Vallarta South Zone

Our motorcycles tours are led by an experienced, well-trained tour guide that is also the owner of the company. Our dual sports motorcycles are current models and well maintained.

For additional information on our motorbike adventures please visit our website at and feel free to contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions or comments.

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