Downtown Puerto Vallarta at night

Downtown view at night

To help both locals and visitors, Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings are divided into discrete zones, these are, from North to South:

  • North zone starts at the northern tip of the Banderas Bay and ends in Bucerías.
  • Nuevo Vallarta starts south of Bucerías and Ends north of Boca de Tomates.
  • Airport & Las Juntas, from Boca de Tomates to the Marina area.
  • Marina Vallarta starts off south of the airport and ends by the Cruise terminal (harbor) area.
  • Hotel Zone starts by the city harbor area and ends north of Brasilia Street.
  • Downtown starts south of Brasilia street and ends at the Cuale River.
  • Old Vallarta (Romantic Zone) starts on the northern side of the Cuale River and ends where the highway south starts, and the
  • South zone from the Romantic zone all the way to Boca de Tomatlán and the southern beaches.

To get a better idea of the zones, use this map: