Downtown view at night

To help both locals and visitors, Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings are divided into discrete zones, these are, from North to South:

  • North zone starts at the northern tip of the Banderas Bay and ends in Bucerías.
  • Nuevo Vallarta starts south of Bucerías and Ends north of Boca de Tomates.
  • Airport & Las Juntas, from Boca de Tomates to the Marina area.
  • Marina Vallarta starts off south of the airport and ends by the Cruise terminal (harbor) area.
  • Hotel Zone starts by the city harbor area and ends north of Brasilia Street.
  • Downtown starts south of Brasilia street and ends at the Cuale River.
  • Old Vallarta (Romantic zone) starts on the northern side of the Cuale River and ends where the highway south starts, and the
  • South zone from the Romantic zone all the way to Boca de Tomatlán and the southern beaches.

To get a better idea of the zones, use this map:

Features and landmarks on the map, north to south: