Statues & sculptures in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta offers great weather, beaches, food, kind locals and many things to do, plus there's also a lot of culture & art, which spills out onto the streets as well. Here are a list & details of sculptures you'll find in town, we hope it'll make your stroll all the more entertaining.

Even though there are many statues and sculptures on the Malecón, they are not the only ones in town, there are quite a few around town and a bit further away, like at the Marina Vallarta or Los Mangos Library, some of the local artists even have some in Mismaloya or San Sebastián del Oeste or other towns in Mexico or the rest of the world.

Here are the most important sculptures in town:

The Millenia Origin and Destination La Nostalgia

The Millennia by Mathis Lidice (2001).

Origin and Destination by Pedro Tello (2011). La Nostalgia by Ramiz Barquet (1984).
Nature as Mother The Subtle Stone-eater Good Fortune Unicorn
Nature as a Mother by Adrián Reynoso. The Subtle Stone-eater by Jonás Gutiérrez (2006). The Good Fortune Unicorn by Aníbal Riebeling (2011).
Triton and Mermaid, Carlos Espino The Roundabout of the Sea Searching for reason
Triton and Mermaid by Carlos Espino (1990). The Roundabout of the Sea by Alejandro Colunga (1996). Searching for Reason by Sergio Bustamante (2000).
The boy of the seahorse Angel of Hope and Messenger of Peace The Frienship Fountain
The Boy on the Seahorse by Rafael Zamarripa (1976). Angel of Hope and Messenger of Peace by Héctor Montes (2007). The Friendship Fountain by James Bottoms and Octavio González Gutiérrez (1987).
John Huston El Pescador Tiburon en espiral

John Huston by Carlos Ramírez (1988).

El Pescador (The Fisherman) by Ramiz Barquet (1996).

Tiburón en Espiral (Spiral Sharl) by Ramiz Barquet (1996).

La Rinconada del Juglar Un Niño, Un Libro, Un Futuro Ballena Vallarta

La Rinconada del Juglar (Minstrel's Corner) by Ramiz Barquet (1999).

Un Niño, Un Libro, Un Futuro (A Boy, A Book, A Future) by Ramiz Barquet (2000).

The Whale and her calf (Vallarta Whale) by Octavio González Gutiérrez (2001).

Bailarines de Vallarta Eriza-Dos San Pascual Bailon

Bailarines de Vallarta (Vallarta Dancers) by Jim Demetro (2006).

Eriza-Dos by Blu (Maritza Vasquez) (2007).

San Pascual Bailón by Ramiz Barquet (2008).

The Washer Woman Ignacio L. Vallarta Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

The Washer Woman by Jim Demetro (2008).

Ignacio L. Vallarta by Miguel Miramontes Carmona (1964).

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla by J. Esteban Ramírez G. (1988).

Francisco Medina Ascencio Las Orcas El Golfista y Los Delfines

Francisco Medina Ascencio by Rubén Orozco Loza (2013).

Las Orcas (The Killer whales) by Octavio González Gutiérrez.

El Golfista y los Delfines (The Golfer and the Dolphins) by Octavio González Gutiérrez.

Saint Francis of Assisi Crown of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish The Little Seahorse

Saint Francis of Assisi by Augusto Bozzano.

The Crown of "Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish", by priest Rafael Parra Castillo & Carlos Terres (2009).

The Boy on the Seahorse (the original one) by Rafael Zamarripa (1960).

Lorena Ochoa Jim Demetro, Andale Bernardo  

Lorena Ochoa by Octavio Gonzalez Gutiérrez (2012).

Ándale Bernardo by Jim Demetro (2014).


Location of the sculptures & statues:

Author: M. A. Gallardo

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